Questions and Answers


The UWC meets the first Monday of each month, October through May (except January) for a luncheon currently held at the Longaberger Alumni House. Interest Groups meet throughout the month.  For details you can open the Activities Calendar page.  MORE ON MEETINGS…

Any woman interested in the Club can join! CLICK HERE to join!

To belong to ANY Interest Group, you must first be a member of the UWC.  Dues for 23-24 are $35.00. Next club year 24-25 dues will increase to $50.00

Yes.  You can choose to work on Tuesdays for set-up, or Wednesdays when the shop is open for business. There are many other opportunities to help. See the Buckeye Bargains page for more information.

2023-2024 dues are $35.00 They are prorated if you join towards the end of our club year (March,April or May). Dues beginning one 1st will be $50.00 for the club year 24-25.

Members are encouraged to pay by May 31st. The new club year starts June 1st.   For new members, whenever you join you pay dues for the remainder of the year. They will be prorated if you win in March, April or May.

You forfeit your membership.    No dues — no meetings, no Interest Groups.  You will not have access to member sensitive information on our website. This includes the event calendar and member directory and club specific documents. You will also not be added to the Graybook for the club year. 

New members are welcome at any time.  Membership is available on line and can be paid via credit card. At the time you join, you complete your profile and choose any interest groups you might be interested in. You will also be able to register immediately for any club event. Everything you need to enjoy your membership is on line. After the treasurer acknowledges your membership, you will be sent a newsletter and Gray book. 

Each interest group determines its own fees, dependent on their programs and expenses.  Some have fees, some are free and some will have members pay their own way to special events.  MORE ON INTEREST GROUPS…

Every year we print our Gray Book, which has the roster of elected positions for the organization, the schedule of monthly meetings, the calendar for every interest group and a directory of all members. All the information in the Gray Book is also on line and can be found on this website after you have joined. 

As a member, you will be sent a registration email a month before the luncheon. All the information you need to know will be in the email. There will be a link to get to the registration page. You need to have a log in and password to access if your UWC website is not open. This is a secure credit card purchase.You can also call the event organizer and can be registered over the phone. This information will be in the email you receive.