Questions and Answers


The UWC meets the first Monday of each month, October through May (except January) at the OSU Faculty Club.  Interest Groups meet throughout the month.  For details you can open the Activities Calendar page.  MORE ON MEETINGS…

Any woman interested in the Club can join! CLICK HERE to join!

To belong to ANY Interest Group, you must first be a member of the UWC.  It’s only $35 per year.

Yes.  You can choose to work on Tuesdays for set-up, or Wednesdays when the shop is open for business.

Members are encouraged to pay by May 31st, but the absolute deadline is June 15th.  For new members, whenever you join you pay your annual dues.

You forfeit your membership.  “Pay in May” was instituted over 10 years ago to encourage members to pay in a timely fashion.  No dues — no meetings, no Interest Groups.  

New members are welcome at any time.  Once you have paid your dues, you have full privileges for any activity in the club.

Each interest group determines its own fees, dependent on their programs and expenses.  Some have fees, some are free and some will have members pay their own way to special events.  MORE ON INTEREST GROUPS…

Every year we print our Gray Book, which has the roster of elected positions for the organization, the schedule of monthly meetings, the calendar for every interest group and a directory of all members. It also includes a reservation form members use to send in their reservation for monthly meetings. It’s sort of our bible!  

Go to Activities > Luncheons in the Navigation bar at the top of the website, or click here to go to the Luncheons page. In the middle of the Luncheons page, you’ll see individual links to each upcoming luncheon and a reservation page to purchase a reservation through Paypal.

If you have a Faculty Club membership number and would like to use that to pay for your luncheon, please click here and fill out the form.

No, Paypal offers guest checkout. When you’re paying dues or purchasing a luncheon and the Paypal screen comes up, you’ll see two options: “Log in” or “Create an account”. If you click “Create an account”, you’ll be taken to a page titled “Guest Checkout” where you can then choose to either make an account or just make a one-time payment.

Paypal offers guest checkout. When paying dues or reserving a luncheon, after the Paypal window pops up, click “Create an account” and you’ll be taken to a guest checkout page where you can choose to make an account or simply make a one-time payment.