| Service Committee

The purpose of the Service Committee, a standing Committee of UWC, is to coordinate volunteer service activities aligned with the UWC Mission Statement. Along with our major role in funding scholarships for women students, our projects identify relevant needs for OSU and its environs. We seek out opportunities, receive and approve proposals and track outcomes , as well as comply with tax exemption requirements. We also enjoy the fellowship! Service funds are used to support the activities established by the committee for the Club Year. 

| Organization

The Service Committee accepts three tiers of volunteer involvement:


Our yearly initiatives require the commitment, energy, and involvement of all our members. Below are the programs we have developed for the year

Interest Groups

Create activities appropriate to the members of that group. Three of our groups have yearly volunteer projects: Yarns and Stitches, Toymakers and Music


Members may select and follow through on an idea alone or with friends. Remember to consult the OSU Volunteer Office Online if your want more ideas

2022-2023 Theme: Be the Change

| Our Selected Projects

Our second service project for this year:  PAGES FOR PATIENTS AT THE JAMES

 Are you surrounded by magazines and books you’ve already read? Consider donating them to the patients at The James Cancer Hospital, Helping to relieve the stress and tedium of their stay. We will be collecting them at our February and March Lunch-and-Learn events.  Look for members of the Service Committee with their car trunks open in the parking lot of the OSU Golf Club and drive right up with your contributions. 

  • All books and magazines should be in good condition; No religious magazines or those with sexual content. 
  • Remove mailing labels from magazines. Magazines in good condition dated within the last 6 months. 
  •  Popular magazines you might find on the news stand: Time, People, Sports Illustrated, gardening, hobby; National Geographic, Smithsonian, Readers Digest (these don’t have to be as current as others)
  • Paperback or hardcover books are ok. Please consider the appropriateness of the content for patients struggling with cancer. A rule of thumb: if in doubt, leave it out! 
You can make a donation to any of our service projects  by scrolling down to the bottom of the page : DONATE NOW  Click on the General Service Fund. Fill in the information as requested and click “Checkout” . This is a secure credit card transaction. 
You can also send a check to the address listed if you prefer.

Please note:  All checks should be made out to University Women’s Club. 

January 25 presentation of  $1,600 check to Tammy Wharton, Director of the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland, in support of their Dream Big STEM Initiative.  Dream Big will add facilities for STEM learning and projects to Camp Ken-Jockety, and those facilities will be open to the larger community as well as the Girl Scouts.  UWC will be honored at the facility with a star recognizing donors at our level of contribution.


Sunita Byg ( ex-officio) 21-24
Marybeth Mcdonald 22-25
Sally Morgan 21-23
Constance Oulanoff 21-23
Rose Solomon (Chair) 22-24
Robin Razor-Thompson 21-24
Annette Whittemore 21-23
Joanne Wissler 22-25
Cynthia Woodbeck 21-23