| Service Committee

The purpose of the Service Committee, a standing Committee of UWC, is to coordinate volunteer service activities aligned with the UWC Mission Statement. Along with our major role in funding scholarships for women students, our projects identify relevant needs for OSU and its environs. We seek out opportunities, receive and approve proposals and track outcomes , as well as comply with tax exemption requirements. We also enjoy the fellowship!

| Organization

The Service Committee accepts three tiers of volunteer involvement:


Our yearly initiatives require the commitment, energy, and involvement of all our members. Below are the programs we have developed for the year

Interest Groups

Create activities appropriate to the members of that group. Three of our groups have yearly volunteer projects: Yarns and Stitches, Toymakers and Music


Members may select and follow through on an idea alone or with friends. Remember to consult the OSU Volunteer Office Online if your want more ideas

2021-2022 Theme: Change for Change

Throughout the year we are asking for your loose pocket change, paper, or gift cards (Kroger’s, Walmart or Aldi’s). If you select gift cards as your giving donation, please note the amount on the card

| Our Selected Projects


Homeless teens, Drop-in-Center, close by. Teens 14-16 Needs sweat pants shirts, blankets, socks, gloves; gift cards (Kroger $10, write on card). Bring your CHANGE, paper or gift cards to the Drive by in Feb.

A drive -by will take place on Thursday, February 24 2022 from 4-6pm at the Vertical Church Parking lot, 1290 Henderson Rd, Columbus Ohio 43220.

Lead: Sunita Byg


We will have our third special event at the OSU Faculty Club. Stay tuned for our special project

A drive-by will be held on Friday May 13 at the Vertical Church parking lot
The last drive-By to support any of the the above projects will be held after our Joint Governing Board Meeting Date TBA


Food collection on campus for OSU students with food insecurity. We will mobilize in case of urgent need.

Lead: Sally Morgan


Tom Rieland (WOSU General Manager) spoke to us about their new campus site in October. Needs for volunteers will emerge as they reorganize early next year. He will contact us then.

Access Collaborative – An OSU initiative to support single parents with custody of a child. Will work with specific needs and a food initiative with Sheila Campbell.

Lead: Robin Rasor Thompson

Any of our Service Committee members can accept your ‘change’ or gift cards as you see us in the community.

Also, drop by or send to Cynthia Woodbeck (614-847-9529 or email cwoodbeck235@gmail.com)


Sunita Byg ( ex-officio) 21-24
Marybeth Mcdonald 22-25
Sally Morgan 21-23
Constance Oulanoff 21-23
Rose Solomon (Chair) 22-24
Robin Razor-Thompson 21-24
Annette Whittemore 21-23
Joanne Wissler 22-25
Cynthia Woodbeck 21-23