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The University Women’s Club was founded by determined and committed Ohio State University women in 1895.  Almost 125 years later, we have become a diverse organization dedicated to funding scholarships and enriching the lives of our members. Enrichment involves numerous service opportunities supporting The Ohio State University and the surrounding community.

While we are a multi-faceted club, an important focus is scholarship philanthropy and OSU service opportunities. The University Women’s Club (UWC) has been providing scholarship support for almost 70 years. The effect of a scholarship can be life-changing for a student, and we take great pride in supporting OSU students in their educational mission.

UWC has multiple avenues for fundraising, the primary source being “Buckeye Bargains,” a campus retail shop located at 53 West 11th Avenue. In this small but productive space, our member volunteers perform as shopkeepers to both source and sell a variety of Buckeye gear, memorabilia, and decor.  Every dollar goes directly to our endowment funds, enabling UWC to award nearly 30 scholarships each year. Our scholarship recipients have a 100% graduation rate.

Our dedicated members make a difference in the lives of students, our community neighbors, and each other. Please look carefully at our website, learn more about what we do and how we support OSU. UWC is always looking for new creative, determined, and committed women, so please join us.

$ 1 Million
in Endowed Scholarship Funds

The UWC has a combined endowed scholarship funds total of nearly $1 million in market value

1 %
Of recipients graduate

The graduation rate of the students receiving a UWC scholarship is 100%

Our strength resides in the diversity of our members' life experiences and talents, but also in their welcoming spirit, in the bonds created, and in the support they give to one another.

We bring members together in friendship, provide social and cultural opportunities, and support scholarships for OSU women through donations and the proceeds from the Buckeye Bargains thrift shop. Our programs and Interest Groups entertain and enrich us and add pleasure and creativity to life. We embrace our plans for the year ahead as we focus upon our mission.

Scholarship Recipients

"I am so very grateful for this scholarship and for the generosity of the donor. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to save as efficiently for my master’s program. I enjoy helping others, and it feels very rewarding when help comes my way as well. Because of The Ohio State University Women’s Club Scholarship, I am able to follow my dreams and positively touch the lives of the many people I come into contact with in my future profession."
Chloe Montgomery
Social Work
"Without help from generous donors like you, it would have been impossible for me to have the college experience I did...I cannot put into words what your gift means to me. I can say though, that I am truly grateful that you felt I was worthy, and your gift goes far beyond any monetary value. Because of amazing people and groups like you, I am inspired to help people not only with my time but my treasure as well."
Beth Severt
Operations Management