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Fellowship is the most important aspect of the University Women’s Club (UWC) and the impetus behind the formation of our organization.  This remains a guiding principle for the last 125 years of our club.

The UWC has a rich tradition of participation by our members. Past Presidents, long-term, and new members contribute to successful programming and excellent administration. Those who faithfully attend our luncheon meetings and participate in our many Interest Groups provide cultural and intellectual excitement and growth. And most particularly, those who work in leadership roles and chair and develop our lectures, service opportunities and social activities are the core of our organization. 

Membership Includes


Our luncheons for 2022-2024 will be held at The Longaberger House just north of Lane Avenue. See the Activities/Luncheons for more information

Interest Groups

Members of UWC have the opportunity to participate in any of twenty- four interest groups. Focus ranges from antiques to wine tasting, and also include art, creative writing, bridge games, crafts, gardening, movies, drama, genealogy and many more.


The University Women’s Club welcomes all women in the Greater Columbus Community who seek friends and fellowship. Life-long bonds based upon social, intellectual, volunteer, and community service opportunities are our greatest gift to our membership. Join us and find friendship amid purpose.

Service Opportunities

The University Women’s Club seeks to respond to the needs and concerns of the university community. Our most important contribution currently is our scholarship program which supports nearly 30 scholarships for OSU students annually. The scholarship fund grows through private donations, gifts and bequests from our membership, and through the profits from Buckeye Bargains. Furthermore, we strive to address any problems or issues that befall the university community through service and support appropriate to our mission. See our Service Page for more information along with our Donation Page

New to Columbus?

We welcome new members and provide friendship and an opportunity to get acquainted with the Ohio State University and the greater community. 

Membership is also extended as a courtesy to the wife of the President of The Ohio State University or the university president if a woman, women members or spouses of members of the OSU Board of Trustees, the Club’s fifty (50) year members and persons nominated by the UWC Executive Committee.

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The dues for a University Women’s Club are $35.00 for 2023 for an Active Member. In 2024 our dues will be $50.00.

Are you a member with a change in your contact information? Please login to your online account and change your address, phone or email.

Our President-Elect watches for reports of member deaths, but it is almost impossible for anyone to know everyone in the Club. Therefore, if you happen to see an obituary in the paper or know of someone’s passing, please contact us. We will add their name to the In Memoriam section of our newsletter.