| Evening Drama

Since 1934

Meeting: Third Wednesday, 7:30 PM
Fee: $2
Purpose: To read and discuss plays performed by members of the group.
Chair: Ruth Anderson

There is drama enough in this group to bring forth your inner thespian. Read plays and discuss them with fellow members, as comedy, tragedy, and farce are in the offing.  Meetings are held in various member homes. 

September 18, 2019
Director: Cynthia Woodbeck

October 16, 2019
Directors: Judy Gallucci and Nancy McCracken

November 20, 2019
Director: Dorothy Cameron

**There will be no meeting in December or January**

February 15, 2020 (note change of date and time to 2:00 pm)

March 18, 2020
Director: Daneen Axelrod

April 15, 2020
Director: Ruth Anderson

May 20, 2020 
Director: Ann Mirels